Monday, October 10, 2005

Visit me in Eddyville

For those out of state readers, Eddyville is the location of one of the several prisons in this state.

Today was the day of the state audit of our school for equipment. The Auditor has gone through my classroom and shop, searching for all the numbered items on his list. This is due to the installation of a new principal. They want to see what all she has to work with.

In my class and shop, all was accounted for except one HP printer.

When I came here in January, there was a HP printer here in my classroom that wasn't hooked to anything. It was an old old printer that was on it's last leg. The IT teacher brought me a newer HP office jet printer and told me he would just get this old broken down hunk of junk out of my way.

Well, this was when I was a brand spanking new state employee and had no idea that you didn't let folks come into your room and remove broken items and 'get them out of your way'. There is a procedure for that. It has to be accounted for. It has to be removed from the inventory. Somewhere, for every piece of equipment valued over $250 (at the time of it's purchase) there has to be a paper trail. That paper trail starts at purchase and follows the equipment wherever it goes, until it's death.

This printers paper trail ended in my classroom.
So, here I sit, with a blank "I don't have a clue" look on my face. I am sure the auditor has called the state police by now. I wonder if the Ronald Reagan defense will work here. "I have no recollection of this HP printer in question."

Otherwise, come visit me in Eddyville.

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TammyJ said...

Ill bake ya a cake with a saw blade in it honey.. just the kind of thoughtful wife I am .. Gee I hope they don't take ya before tomorrow.. can they be convinced to wait til after our anniversary?