Friday, October 07, 2005

Too much yard


Ok, the school did something rather 'duh'. We are regulated by the schedule of GRC (the high school). Fall break begins on Monday (Saturday, according the calendar) and the 9 week grading period ended yesterday. This leaves today as a 'lame duck' day. Nothing we do today will count on the last nine weeks grade and nothing we do today will be remembered in 9 days when class resumes. So, today is a FREE day. We have made a few plans.

In my 1st and 2nd period classes (which do not change students), we had home-made pizza and a birthday cake. One of the students also brought in 2 dozen donuts. Another student brought in the movie, Longest Yard (the new one with Sandler).

3rd block ordered and had delivered, 7 pizzas. We had 4 two liters of coke ... And we watched the movie, The Longest Yard.

4th block finished off most of the pizzas and some of the cake ... and we watched, The Longest Yard.

The movie isn't a bad remake of the Burt Reynolds classic, but watching it 3 times in a row is just too much yardage.

The kids have had a blast and it was great to send them off to fall break with a smile. Good relations is an integral part of educating. I can be a hard ass (and have been at times), but that isn't the most effective use of my time. I have had the teacher/friend speech with them. I explained to them that I did want to be their friend, but I would be their teacher, and if I could only do one, I would be their teacher. That has worked. Most of the time I am their friend, but all of the time, I am their teacher.

even on days of too much yard.

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TammyJ said...

You a hard ass?... you do have a great ass.. but I haven't noticed it being hard.. hmmm guess I'll have to check again.. Love you..