Friday, October 21, 2005


the work week finally draws to it's end.

I was up last night until about 2:30, and then up this morning at 6:30. My ass has been dragging today. It wasn't a bad day, just a draggy assed one. It is about 45 minutes till the work week ends and I am ready !

Today has been much less drama filled. That could be because I have been in Winchester all day. Son-n-law and daughter were driving around the block last night, up and down the street. They borrowed money from son-n-law's dad for gas to job hunt. So much for that plan. Tammy said they were driving around this morning as well. All I can say is ... "Morons."

Tonight was to be an auction night, but I am thinking it will be a 'stay at home, truck in the drive all night' night. I only had 4 students this afternoon. Clark County was out of school today. All I had very my Estill County kids. I am already ready to hit the sack for a nap. Chris will be gone all weekend. That just leaves Chella and Kyle to contend with. I wonder how much rope I have around the house?

I am just kidding. I wouldn't tie them up. I don't need too. I have two pair or handcuffs.
We will see what the night brings.

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