Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The briefest respite

It is a short time to recharge. I have from 11:27 until 11:55 to clear my head and prepare for my afternoon classes. In that time, I must eat lunch, and prepare whatever will be on the board for 4th block. First/Second Periods and Fourth block are the same class. Third block is my second year class. They do not cover the same materials.

It isn't such a major undertaking, but some days it can be time consuming.

Then there is the added fact that 4th block is somewhat divided. My GRC students are here from 11:55 am until 1:33 pm. My Estill Co, kids arrive at 12:40 pm and stay until 2:20 pm. This makes some lessons difficult. Ideally, they would all learn at the same pace. I could extend the lesson for the EC kids and then catch the GRC students up in their early non-EC part of the class. That is what would happen, ideally. I am still looking for that ideal world.

Anyway, the day progresses. My respite is nearly over.

Later there will be time to catch you up on the news of house hunting, and kid drama, and lawsuit news, and karaoke, and Halloween parties, and all the other tidbits that make life interesting. For now, it is back to the teenagers, and electricity.

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