Thursday, October 13, 2005

I can see !

I can see the top of my desk !

I have been cleaning this week, along with all the other things I am doing (teaching, internship meeting, preparing for state audit of Program Assessment, meeting with curriculum director). Today, I have made a great lunge forward. I actually moved things off my desk, filed some, and (gasp) threw some things away. Those that know the real pack rat me, know this is almost unheard of.

Dad was/is a pack rat. You never throw away anything that might be used eventually in this universe or any nearby universes. As a writer, scraps of paper with scribble on them are definite no-no's. Never ever throw away paper with scribble on it. That is rule number one!

Still, after much consideration and soul searching, I managed to throw away pieces of paper with writing on them. Even now, my soul is vexed. However, the happy dance my eyes are doing over the rarely seen sight of a clean desktop is drowning out any groaning over the vexation of actually throwing things away. (I do know, that next week, I will need at least 3 of the items which were tossed today.)

Anyway ... half a day left today ... half a day tomorrow (using some comp time) .. and the weekend is upon me. I am giddy with anticipation (ok .. I lied .. I am not really giddy, but I am anticipating.)
Oh yeah, though I am sure Tammy will touch on it in her blog (if she hasn't already), the video tape is in. It shows Tammy smoking, brushing her hair (while wired to a TENS unit) and opening doors (while wearing a brace). All of these things she could do sans braces and/or electronic pain control devices, prior to her injury. It is a laughable thirteen minutes.

More to follow ...

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