Thursday, November 03, 2005

Finally ... A break in the storm

Since Halloween night, it has been a firestorm. The night went well enough even though there was a drastically lower number of trick or treaters out than usual. Then, shortly after we went to bed, we were interrupted by pounding on our door. Tammy went to find out what was going on and was greeted by her daughter, inquiring if everything was ok, because there were cops everywhere. It turned out there was a fight up the street and a stabbing. The cops were looking for Tammy's oldest son. He was not home.

It turned out, (we found out eventually) he was involved in the altercation. We spent the next two days trying to convince him to give the police his side of the story. He was scared. Finally, yesterday evening, he agreed and a detective came to the house and took his statement. His accuser jumped him and He was defending himself. This is not over. The other guy (in his late 30's) is out of the hospital today and has not told the police if he intends to press charges or not. The police detective did tell us he would keep us informed and if there were charges filed he would let us know so that C could come in, rather then being arrested in front of his siblings. He further stated that he would argue for 10% bail based on C's cooperation.

I think Tammy and I got our first good night of sleep, last night. I missed 2 days work because I couldn't see leaving Tammy alone to deal with this.

I am back at work today and babysitting. One of the other teachers is out and I am sitting with her class and mine combined. There is little learning going on and lots of correcting behaviors.

Tomorrow, more elementary kids will be here touring and visiting the classes. We will show them a little about electricity and how it works.

There is much work to be done.

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