Friday, October 14, 2005

Half of a Friday

It is finally Friday.

Tammy is coming to Winchester to drop off her resume'. I heard about a job at the Board of Education with the maintenance dept. It is secretary and administrative assistant to the director.

Tammy has scheduled an interview with a new lawyer on Monday. Hopefully, this one will have his balls with him. He was recommended by another lawyer that wouldn't take the case because of personal conflict, having once represented Tammy's employer and still fully believes (in spite of recent news) that they are providing a necessary service. I agree with the 'necessary service' part, but not in their way of handling it. It is their handling that has them in hot water. They acted very unprofessionally in their hiring practices, particularly in the upper decision making echelon. Some of that echelon forgot with the word 'echelon' means. It is a French word literally meaning 'a rung in a ladder'. They thought they were above reproach and removal ... and acted accordingly. Charges will be filed, I am sure.

I am taking half a day off today. I was supposed to be off all day yesterday to accompany Tammy to her IME MMI (refer to previous posts), but her ball-less lawyer pulled out because he was afraid that even with this independent evaluation, he would only get around $25K. I guess that must seem like chicken feed to him, but I have some chickens that need feeding.

Tonight we plan to go to the auction. We will see what irresistible treasures await.

Tammy says she doesn't care what we do this weekend, as long as it doesn't entail her getting out of bed before 9 AM. I am just wondering about the things we can do in bed before 9 AM and if she has any objections to those.

We went to Lonestar on Wednesday night for a monthly meeting of the kinksters club. A mutual friend there gave us a new riding crop as a gift. I am thinking that the top drawer of the night stand is getting much kinkier than we actually are ... or perhaps not. It is still filled with many unused bachelor party gifts.

Well, a staff meeting awaits ... Hi Yo Silver ... Away !!!

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TammyJ said...

I am thinking we could "clean" out the bedside drawer before 9 am and still be in bed.. you never know what treasures might be waiting in there.. and there is always "practice" with the new toy.. maybe I don't need the sleep as much as I need the you and me in bed thing.. I love you.. see ya soon