Friday, October 28, 2005

The Halloween events will now commence.

Tonight, Tammy and I are going to a costume party at the 11th Frame Lounge. We will be going as the King and Queen of LexChat. It is a long story how we came to carry such titles.

About six years ago, AOL was creating Digital Cities, which included new conference rooms with a maximum of 46 participants. When I found the one for Lexington, there were only 5 participants in the room. That was early in the year. Around July of that year, we decided to meet at a local restaurant. That first meeting included 6 people. As the number of chatters grew, so did the number at the meets. We eventually found the 11th Frame Lounge and karaoke. In December of that year, we had over 100 people attend our first LexChat Christmas party.

The room has grown since then. Originally, I kept a list of all the chatters and sent massive emails out about all the meets and greets. A few years ago, I created a group's page for the members of LexChat. This allowed every member of the group to send emails to all the other members. It took a load of emailing off my mind.

A couple years ago, I added Tammy as a co-owner of the group's page. We took care of the summer picnics and coordinated other events until last year. All the members have called us the King and Queen of LexChat for years. This year, we will look like the king and queen.

Tammy won a Z103 Halloween pack this morning. It included a Nickelback CD, coupons for Gold Star Chili, and 4 tickets to Paramount's Kings Island. The tickets are good for next weekend. Looks like our plans are made.

Pain level is lower today, which is a good thing, for me, and for my students. They think I must be bi-polar. I think I scared them today. I dressed in a nice shirt and necktie for work today. They have me leaving for a new job now. They think I have a job interview. It is funny the things they come up with, with little or no information. I just smile and let their minds wander.

It reminds me of a sticker I saw once. "Don't let your mind wander. It is much too small to be out on it's own."

The weekend beckons. Y'all be good now, ya hear ?

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