Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh the drama !!

Assessment day has arrived ...
The schools has been assessed, details forthcoming (oh joy .. For those interested .. You know who you are !)

There was an open house tonight as well. I managed to run (well, drive) home and change clothes. My coworkers and several of my students saw me in an actual button up button down shirt (peach) and a necktie. The black necktie, in typical electrician fashion, had a cord running down the length and ending up at an outlet on the bottom face of it. There were gasps of amazement and squeals of delight (at least, I think they were of delight.)

From there, it was another quick trip home, one more change of clothes, back into jeans and pullover and off to the hospital to visit Mom. She looked remarkably well considering she had brain surgery yesterday. They put in 4 metal plates (about the size of soda can tabs ... As I am told) and 16 screws costing about $10K each. I told her that I heard her head was now worth of $150K. It was a good visit. My oldest sister, Barbara, and my only brother, Richard were there. It was good to visit with them as well.
We left there about 9:30. Upon arriving home, the drama flood gates opened. There was a drunk on the porch that didn't want to leave even though he claimed he would. That was the first 911 call. (Yes, the first one.)

Then there was married kid drama which resulted in another call to 911 and officers being dispatched. Needless to say, daughter and son-in-law are not allowed back for a long while. Tammy and Chella are emotional wrecks. When things finally calmed down, after another faked 911 call, it was way late.
What a way to head into the weekend !
How was your Thursday ?

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