Saturday, January 24, 2009

the visit

TJ was able to go see her son today. She took it easy all week so that she would be rested. She did fairly well. If you factor in that she is as stubborn as a mule and used to going and going and going (another long eared creature) then you would have to concede that she did excellent. Don't tell her I think so. It is a constant (losing) battle to keep her from doing too much.

We did as the DR ordered for the most part. We stopped frequently enough. On the way, we stopped more frequently than we intended. We needed to get a money order for Chris. We stopped at one convenience store. Once TJ got inside, she discovered their ATM machine was down, their EBT machine was down, their lottery machine was down, and the bathrooms were out of order. Of to stop #2.

Stop #2 was a combination convenience store and several fast food restaurants. It was 10:45 and the store was not open. The restaurants were busy, but informed TJ that the store didn't open until 11:00. Not too convenient, eh? Off to stop #3.

Stop #3 was a gas station/store combo. On the door they proudly displayed that they did, in fact, sell money orders. Yeah! Once inside, TJ discovered that you could not use a credit card or Debit card to purchase their money orders. This was not an issue as they did have an ATM machine in the store was well. She took money out, bought the MO and we were on our way.

I understand the credit card prohibition. However, a debit card is instant. If you do not have the money in the account, you can't use the card. Odd.

Then we were off to see the boy. The place was packed. There was no sitting room at all inside. All seats were taken. One group was called back, freeing up some chairs. These seat were immediately taken by several young people (18-24 year olds .. both guys and girls) while some gray haired ladies stood. Tammy and I went outside in the 30° weather to sit at a picnic table. It ticked us off that these kids sat and did not offer their seats to the elderly. I guess courtesy is a thing of the past with most of this current generation. I do know that my kids would never do that. TJ said the same about hers.

We visited. It was good to see him. We drove home. TJ crashed in the bed. The trip did wear her out. She was happy and tired. She has, reluctantly, taken it easy the rest of the day, so far. I am fixin to go get her some food. (My daughter says I sound so country when I say that .. fixin to.)

"C" sent me a text saying I was more than a parent type. I was a friend. She added that she would be proud to be adopted by me. (Pause for tear wiping.) She is a good kid. She turned 18 in December. She still respects the house rules. She is still feeling out her adult freedoms, but with respect. I feel the same for her that I do my natural born kids. We don't use step here except as a method to get from downstairs to upstairs and visa-versa.

It is shaping up to be a good weekend.


Debbie said...

I'm so glad the visit went well. Except you should have smacked those kids around and taught them some manners. I'm fixin to come up there and do that. (You accidentally put the "g" on the end of fixin)

Ron said...

I fixed it Deb