Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow continues

We lost power for most of the night. The power went out around 2 AM and returned around 7 AM. So, there was no harm, no foul. My oldest daughter, (about 45 miles southwest of here) lost power, regained power, lost power, regained power, and then finally lost power for good. She was on the phone with me when she saw the transformer go and the power went out. The small town in which she lives is supplied by a rural electric cooperative. They told her that numerous transformers were out and had no prospect of when her power might be restored. No power means no heat. A part of a large tree in her front yard fell on the house, as well. She doesn't think it did any damage.

She and hubby, bundled the kid, moved the fallen branches out of the drive, and made their way to her mom's house, where the power (and heat) are still on. She has texted me several times already today. "K" live on a corner lot and two trucks slid into the yard and collided. A second car nearly missed the turn and almost slid into the yard. The city reported that water was going to be shut off for the rest of the day. There are power outages at the water plant.

We are expecting 2 to 4 inches of snow on top of the layers of snow and ice we have already. Even with my trusty, faithful, 3 ton plus weighing, 4-wheel drive capable, big red SUV, I am staying put uinless it is an emergency.

Here are some shot of the snowfall as of noon:

One lane completely covered outside the front door.
On frozen pond ...
Tree in neighbors front yard ...


Retro Girl said...

Ewww! Hope it doesn't get as bad as that Lex ice storm of 03?!

Hubby's old boss who lives in Garrad county said they had ice really bad, and no power either.

Hope it gets better for y'all down that way, soon! Here we still have the old snow on the ground from weeks ago...(was about 2's melted down to about a foot maybe?) but super frigid temps...single digits and below 0 at times...Yuck!! We're ready for spring!! I bet you guys are too, now!

Sounds like a good day for a big pot of soup...a warm blankie and some movies!

Gill said...

Ok OK i know we don't really know what "real" snow is in the UK. Bit i do know about it from living in germany so long....and i am still sooooo jealous ;) Send it over here i'll take it off your hands :D

Debbie said...

I've been wondering about you all. KY is all over our news. Glad your power came back on.

blairspage said...

Hey Ron... thank you again for the drawing! You are SO talented! Your pictures look like mine. I'm getting ready to download more when they finish uploading to my Dropshots. Our power was restored within 2 hours after talking to my neighbor this morning. We just couldn't risk it with Blair! So, we came home around 11 this morning. The kids loved being iced in at Nanny's house. 4 wheel drive did surprising well. I thought it would be much worse!

Hugs - Tiff

Heather of the EO said...

Ugh, keep us posted. Sheesh, losing power=bad. Hang in there ice stormers.