Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chris's Party

My grandson Chris turned 10 years old on New Years Eve. I told hm all the celebrations and parties were to celebrate his birthday.

Today was his 'official' birthday party. "A" had it at Chucky Cheese Pizza. If you have never been to a Chucky Cheese, you would be in for a treat. There are 3.1 million kids crammed into a shoe box with games, rides, and skeeball. (I may be exaggerating just a tad, but not much.) If it weren't for the bland pizza, I would have no reason to go at all.

Anyway, he had fun.

Here are some tidbits from the party. I gave my camera to my 21 yr old daughter. Everyone insisted that she would end up in every picture. She is really good at taking pics of herself. I always cut off my head, or half my face, or have it crooked, but not her. She is obviously a professional.


Said 21 yr old daughter .. Shirt: I'm not short, I'm fun size!

The Birthday boy himself with new Mohawk !


Willow Tree said...

It is a bit of a madhouse, isn't it! I like to take my children but only during weekday mornings. We basically have the place all to ourselves, use the coupons from their website for free tokens and there's no need for "pizza" so early in the day, lol! Parents who make it through a weekend trip should get an award... at least an extra game of skeeball!

Gill said...

Never heard of it until i read this i missing out by living in the UK? Love your daughters t-shirt - very cool. And the new hair do is fab, but i wont be showing my son as i know he will want one! LOL
Hope you enjoyed your bland-pizza!

Octamom said...

Ah, Chuck E Cheese--I have definitely put in my mommy time there with my older kids and am trying to shield my younger ones from knowledge of said rat park!

Looks like you all had a good time, bland pizza and all! He is rocking that new mohawk!


Retro Girl said...

Heh...Hubby keeps reminding me of all these places I'm gonna have to be going once Isaac is here and is a bit older. Oh Joy! lol. (Wonder if they'll notice my little earplugs when I go?)