Thursday, January 08, 2009

I cant help it

I am trying to contain my sardonic wit. Actually, TJ and I both are trying to rein it in a bit, as Kyle, our 13 yr old is picking up and feeling the need to comment on everything said by everyone. This does, at times, cause him to land in hot water.

However, every now and then something comes along that makes it simply impossible to keep the sarcasm in check. Tonight was just such a night. I was reading the news headlines on They give a little eye catching teaser designed to say enough to peak your interest but not enough to satisfy it. As I was perusing the headline links, I came across this tidbit:

Craze over touch screen gadgets not shared by the blind.

Let it sink in ....

I did read the article. It talked about Stevie Wonder attending a tech-fest to encourage the makers of gadgets to keep blind needs in mind as well. I agree.

However ...

The headline was too much for me. I am not an insensitive person. I do realize there are needs of those with handicaps that are sometimes overlooked. BUT, this headline was too funny. My first response was, "DUH!"

And then my mind skewed. It went off on tangents. I thought about how, in our age of political correctness, we were being insensitive to our blind brothers and sisters by wearing and seeing color. I propose that we all stop wearing items of color. OR, we could just tell all the blind folks that we did.

Sorry, I just had to go there.

If you are offended by this post, I do apologize. It was all tongue in cheek. I am caring about persons with handicaps. I, just, couldn't help it.


Debbie said...

I'm howling over here. That headline cracked me up! And my mind immediately flew all over the place - like yours. Sarcasm is my forte.

Willow Tree said...

I followed up your DUH with SERIOUSLY?!? Good Grief. Who comes up with that stuff?

Blessings, Carolynn

Octamom said...

I'm always a bit floored by such news articles--I also find a good guffaw in some of the 'scientific' research that hits the headlines from time to time!