Monday, January 05, 2009

Birthday Visit

Today is Carol's 77th birthday. We visited her at the nursing home.

You are looking at 4 generations .. Top: TJ, middle: Chella, Carol, Sierra .. and then Cloe.

Here are Cloe and Carol. (Great granddaughter and Great grandmother)
Cloe is looking at Carol as if to say, "I will take care of you."


miruspeg said...

I love your caption on the second photo Ron.
I totally agree with you, you kind hearted man!

Debbie said...

That is so sweet. She looks adorable all snuggles up there with her great grandmother.

Willow Tree said...

PRECIOUS! I have a photograph similar to the first one; my Papa, mom, me and my first son - it is priceless to me, as I'm sure this one is to all the beautiful ladies in it. Love the second one. I really believe children see, understand, more than we do, or think they do. "Come unto me like little children..."

Blessings, Carolynn

Octamom said...

Beautiful! We have a few precious pictures like this and they are much treasured--

Loved your 2009 word!

Marilyn said...

Generations... gotta love it : )