Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday comes creeping in on timid feet

It has been an odd week.

It has seemed at times to drag along and then to suddenly hit a speed burst. The DR told TJ that he didn't want her going to the midweek service at church. It is a 35 mile drive and he feels that is too much for her right now, twice a week. We have been taking it on a day to day basis as to what is too much and what works. She wants to go to see her son on Saturday, so she has been doing the minimum this week.

Wednesday, I said something about hurrying or I would be late for church. OK, church is on Tuesday. I was already 23.5 hours late. I thought it was Tuesday. That was a speed time. Then there are evenings when it feels like it should be midnight and it is only 7 o'clock.

I have been busy with 'portrait' requests. I don't mind. It seems I do remember why I stopped so many years ago. It got to be more work than a hobby. Right now, even with requests, it still feels like a hobby, so we are good. I am sure, eventually, it will start to feel like work.

Several people have told me in my life I need to open a restaurant. I love to cook, but if I open a restaurant, it becomes a job.

It is the same with drawing or writing. If it becomes my profession, it becomes a drag. I know, I am just odd that way.

Years ago, I worked my job as an electrician and did jobs on the side. I would get to the point where I would have to make a decision to go all in or fold. I would fold. I liked working and making electric work, but I liked the ability to turn a job down if I didn't want to do it. If I sign on the bottom line, I have to take every job. I have to pay for the trucks, and the tools, and the insurance, and the men. I worked with guys that did start on their own and I would listen to them complain about the headaches associated with it. I am good on this side of the headaches.

For now, I will just keep losing track of time and drawing kids and grandkids. I will let Fridays come creeping in on timid feet.


Debbie said...

I have had my days all messed up this week too. First, MLK day and then my snow day. I haven't been worth two cents.
I hope Tammy gets to visit her son and that it goes well.

Heather of the EO said...

I love that description of Friday, coming in on timid feet.

Yes, when things become work, they sort of lose something. I agree.

I hope you get to keep enjoying your hobbies at your own timid pace :) And that Tammy gets to travel along without pain very soon.