Saturday, January 31, 2009

gorgeous kid

Her mom gave me permission to post this on the blog .. you can see her pic at Pixel-me.

In other news, the snow abates, but the cold continues. It was 8° when I got up this morning. Oldest daughter is still without power and branches from a large tree in her front yard are dropping on the house. Insurance company has been notified.

Depending on which weather forecaster you believe, we could have 50° on Monday or the next round of snow showers. Who knows? Time will tell. I am reminded of some weather bricks I saw once. They were miniature versions of regular bricks. They were on a piece of twine. The instructions read: If the bricks are wet, it is raining. If the bricks are white, it is snowing. If the bricks are dry, it is sunny, and so forth and so on. The weather I trust is the weather I see.

I'll be tickled when the news is the news and not the weather is the news.

How are things in your part of the world?


Gill said...

Still NO sign of the "Russian Snow Invasion" here in the UK..but we live in hope! Surely the kids deserve at least ONE snow day in their childhood!
Obviously i'm not sure i'd like the amount of snow you all are suffering, crumbs England would come to a standstill till the summer if that happened!!
Good Luck to you all in surviving your White season.

Love the pic and thank you again :)

Willow Tree said...

We had a heat wave in Wisconsin today; it was 36 degrees!!

When I lived in Georgia in 2004 we had a nasty ice storm move through that debilitated the city for a couple days, but NOTHING like what you've got! Are y'all ok? I'm praying for your families constantly. The Today Show made it sound pretty scary this morning...

Blessings, Carolynn

Debbie said...

I hope it doesn't hit you again next week.
Another great drawing.