Sunday, January 11, 2009

The moments between perfection

Life is not made up of perfection
It is the collection
Of the moments between
Life consists
Of trips and spills
Of ascending and descending
Of climbing and falling
Here and there
May we reach a peak
Somewhere near our idea
Of our own perfection

Sometimes it works just right
But mostly
We aim and miss
We strike out
Between homers
In life we rarely count
Our every at-bat
We remember little
As we struggle our way
Between the points
Of our own perfection

Birthday to birthday
Memorial to memorial
Plateau to plateau
The most of life
Is spent between
More of life climbing
Than standing
And gathering accolades
We live it up
In the moments between perfections

Do not get lost in the details
But rather revel in them
Live all of the two thousand ways
Not to make a light bulb
Celebrate every rung
Not just the top one
Smile with every swing
Especially the ones that fly past
Rejoice in all the moments
Between the moments of perfection

How sad and short a life
Counting only perfect moments
Cheer in the breaks
Laugh with the falls
Celebrate the rising
After the laughing fall
Live in the feeling
Of the bat in your hand
The wind in your face
The sun in your eye
The moments between perfection

Live, truly live
The moments between perfection

Ron Simpson, Jr.
January 11, 2009


Heather of the EO said...

I LOVE this one, Ron. Just LOVE it.

Willow Tree said...

This is by far, the best of your best my friend. And that's saying a lot because I'm Loving your book! Oooh I just saw the link on your sidebar for your poetry page... gonna go get lost in there for bit!

Blessings, Carolynn

Retro Girl said...

Your words are beautiful...
Makes you really think...about all the little moments that we are so so blessed with (and often totally take for granted...and shouldn't! Even the little lows and struggles...because we learn from them, and grow because of them.) And makes us cherish the moments we once the times spent with good friends *HUGS*

Miss you guys...


Debbie said...

This is wonderful. And thank God life is about what happens as we strive for perfection, or otherwise I would be in trouble.