Sunday, January 18, 2009

had to add ...

Saturday I took Chella early to Stanton to take the second part of her GED test. After dropping her off at the testing site, I went on to Lexington, where I, among other things, stopped and got Spalding donuts for the family. They are the OMGosh best darn donuts ever anywhere. It is a local to Lexington family owned and operated bakery.

As I was driving back toward MS, I called TJ to let her know why I hadn't made it home already.

Here is where the importance of communication in a marriage comes in.

I told her I had come to Lexington. I told her about the donuts. I told her I was on my way home. I was joking about running all over Lexington.

She said, "I sound real concerned, don't I?"

I heard, "I found a sperm donor."

Ah, communication!


Debbie said...

Oh Ron. I mishear everything. And you already know I misread everything! But the sperm donor. That takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

SO,I'm thinking you had a mouthful of donut when you misheard that statement??? lol