Monday, January 26, 2009

twisting words

There have been some miscues involving words around here. They weren't spoonerisms, but they were kind of fun.

Twist #1

Chella, the recent GED recipient, usually makes an effort to police her language around me. I do not generally use some of the same language that her generation seems to find appropriate. As the matter of fact, they tease me that I cuss like Mr. Spock. (Dammit, Jim) We were driving somewhere a couple days ago, and she, accidentally bleeped out the wrong word. She said she was going to 'bleep' her ass. She laughed because she has bleeped out the word, 'kick.' I assured her it was okay to say 'kick.'

Twist #2

This one involved Cloe. Cloe is 19 months old today. She speaks very well. She generally uses words properly and speaks in semi-complete sentences. We have taught her that heaters, the stove, curling irons, and other items are 'hot.' She also has some small issues with being in the dark. She knows the word dark and what it implies as well. Last night, she was in the kitchen with mamaw, when TJ finished what she was doing. TJ turned off the light and plunged the room into darkness. (One of my peeves is walking into an empty room with a light left on.) Cloe was in the room when it went dark. She yelled out, "Hot!" She got her 'scaries' crossed.

Life is more fun than anything else.


Gill said...

OMG they are the sweetest twists i ever heard :)
I guess *bleeping* words out shows she cares enough not to offend! LOL.
As for "HOT" man that's adorably cute!

Octamom said...

'got her scaries crossed'--that is so cute!!!


seriously? said...

Bleeping out the wrong word is better then not bleeping at all, right? I tend to bleep a lot of words... sometimes they are the right one's and other times, not so much. The fun is watching the other person trying to figure out what the hell you are "bleeping". :)

Debbie said...

I love Cloe's sweet little confusion. How adorable.