Monday, December 15, 2008

on the other side

Psalms 49:4
"I will incline mine ear to a parable: I will open my dark saying upon the harp."

David wrote, there were times when God revealed things to him that he did not understand. Hence, the dark sayings. He went on to say when he began to make music to the Lord, in praise, the meanings of such sayings become clear. I have said in the past; Praise is the plow that breaks the hardened ground and reveals the fertile earth beneath. Praise opens us up to receive.

Tammy is still in a good deal of pain. Her appointment with the orthopaedist is on Wednesday. We have prayed and sought God for healing or relief. We do get a measure of relief from time to time, for which we are grateful. However, We are still in the dark as to why she is not healed or granted complete relief.

I know there are things we go through that make us better. I know that faith is the key. Tammy is so strong and so brave. She is holding on to the slimmest thread. I want to answer her 'whys', but I cannot.

I trust, that on the other side of this we may know the whys and wherefores. I trust that the reason for this is worth the pain. I know when she has held on, she will be stronger. My head knows all of this oh so well. My heart, on the other hand, breaks with each cry of anguish. It breaks with each tear she cries from the pain. I want to use my gift of words to tell her why, but I cannot. I want to open His Word to the place where I can tell her, but I have not been able to do so.

I do not know why. I do know, on the other side of this trial, we will continue our praise, and the plow will open our hearts to recieve, and we may know.

On the other side.


Willow Tree said...

Praising IN the storm is so much more than a catchy chorus. Praise isn't just music, praise is worshiping Him with our very lives. You are both brilliant examples of this.

I have a lot of questions that won't be answered until the other side too. Until then I have to believe that what I see is the underside of the tapestry He is weaving; all the knots and crossed threads. Only when we get Up There, will I be able to see what He sees and how the pain was made beautiful. Tammy's might be the prettiest of all.

miruspeg said...

There is not always a reason why Ron.

I can understand your anguish seeing a loved one in so much pain.

I guess you will have to take a leaf out of Tammy's book and try and be strong as well.

You are both in my thoughts and for Tammy to be relieved of this terrible pain.

Lots of love

Debbie said...

I am praying the appointment will give an answer and relief is on the horizon for Tammy. You are both such strong people and an inspiration to us all.