Saturday, December 13, 2008

in a writing mood, I guess

This fell out of my head this morning:

What if

What if he believed
That the moon
Was made of cheese

What if he believed
A jolly man in a red suit
Came down chimneys

What if he believed
That a pillow case
Tied over his shoulders
Really could make him fly

What if he believed
That magic
Was really magic

What future dream
Would be in jeopardy
By allowing these dreams

Do not hurry
To erase a dream
To wipe away a belief
To rub out an imagining

What if
We let a kid
Just be a kid

Ron Simpson, Jr.
December 13, 2008


Octamom said...

It is so sweet to allow kids to see the world with eyes of belief~


Patrice said...

I really like your "what If", I say this all the time, let them be kids, for they will be adults way to soon!!

Okay, I also have to say I LOVED the "fun sponge" post!! You have hit the nail on the head, because I too think my teenagers feel that I have become a fun spomge!!

I really have enjoyed reading your blog!