Friday, December 12, 2008

My willow

A friend from here has a new found freedom. She sent me an email talking about a willow tree that lived in her grandparents yard. This is what fell out of my head:

My Willow

Years ago and miles away
There was a special tree
At a special place
Where I would find love near
Where I could share
My joys and my sorrows

In the shade of the tree of tears
With its willowy branches
It shared its serenity
And I shared my chaos
I cried and laughed
Both, in the comfort it gave

Time has taken me far from that tree
And added miles as well
But still there were joys
And there were sorrows
And I looked another comfort
To fill that void

It has taken some time
To come to this realization
Though I loved that old tree
It wasn’t the tree that met me
And the one who shared my life
Is still here, as He has always been

Like the faithful willow
He waits when I am sad
For me to come to him
He waits when I am happy
For me to come as well
And He shares His strength and courage

Far from the tree
I still have my comfort
I still have my gentle breeze
I still have my sunshine
I still have my safety

And He still wraps his arms around me

Ron Simpson, Jr.
December 12, 2008

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

I have been meaning to take a trip to your blog for a few days to thank you for the wonderful poem that you wrote for Carolynn. It is, quite simply, lovely. I know that it meant the world to her during this very hard time.

You have a wonderfully generous spirit.