Monday, December 08, 2008


Thanks to all my blogger friends for your kind words and prayers.

Immeasurable is

Isn’t it kind of funny
The first thing we do
Is try to trap the word
In a small definition
When by its own prefix
It refuses to be

Immeasurable is
The joy
She brings to my life
The love
She shares so freely
The comfort
Possessed in the touch of her hand
The pain
Shared when she is in pain

Immeasurable is
The faith
You all bring
With your prayers
For a stranger, really
The comfort
Your words bring
To know someone else cares
And prays
The depth
To which your words reach
When you seek
And offer kindness
In our hour of need

Immeasurable is
The breadth and depth
Of God’s love to us ward
The vastness
Of His knowledge
The compassion
Of His caring
My hurt
He shared
And is sharing


Ron Simpson, Jr.
December 8, 2008


Debbie said...

You are such a romantic. I hope Tammy is completely on the mend very soon.

Heather of the EO said...

Sometimes I just don't know how to comment because there aren't words for how much I love your writing.

Am I giving you a big head?

My husband just walked up and said, "who's that?" I told him you were a blog friend who writes really well.

He reached into his pocket and asked if you're as cool as he is, with junior mints stuck in his pocket.

I said, "probably." :)

TammyJ said...

My love it is immeasurable how much you have brought to my life.. I love you.