Sunday, December 21, 2008

It is an 'avoiding the drama' Sunday

It is just the usual drama here with the drama queen and her drama princess. Nothing really to report.

TJ is still the same to a little better. We are awaiting surgery, sometimes patiently, sometimes not so patiently.

Instead of a 'blow by blow' of the days (un)events, I will post a poem.


Listen to the coyote howl
Bewailing its lonesome plight
No-one understands its soulful cry
As it shatters the peace of the night
Surviving alone in the darkness,
Till surviving seems it's only part;

Listen to the coyote howl,
That seems so desperate a cry;
It carries the heart,
Across the desert, barren and dry;
But, somewhere off in the distance,
Another heart awaits;
To hear a certain harmony,
For which to open its gates;

Listen to the coyote howl,
The beacon with which it seeks;
For hope within does abound,
For another to travel the valleys and peaks;
a mate somewhere listens true,
For it's common call;
The one to whom it surrenders self,
And gives it's hopes all,

Listen to the coyote howl,
It is a tribute to the dream;
It is a hope filled cry,
Though lonely it does seem;
It's howl erupts from a heart,
Of hope so filled;
When loneliness reigns,
The coyote howl is stilled;

Listen to the coyote howl,
And smile within your spirit;
For hope still reigns within,
And erupts for all to hear it;
Listen to the coyote howl..........

Ron Simpson, Jr.
May 1997

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