Monday, December 29, 2008

better than pain

Tammy has been exhausted.

She has been numb.

She has been cranky.

She has been uncomfortable.

All of these and more are still better than the misery she was in with the constant excruciating pain. She has slept in our bed for the first two nights in over a month. I have reached across in the night and touched her skin. It was heaven. She has stolen my covers, and I missed her doing that more than I realized. For all our commonalities, there are still some stark differences. One of those differences is in cold/hot perception. She freezes. I roast. She is in sweats and wrapped in a blanket. I am in shorts and no shirt. I, also, maintain a high external body temperature.

When we are outside in the cold air, my skin stays warm. In the house, my skin is a veritable heat producing organism. So, at night, in our heated water bed, she utilizes my body warmth to keep her warm. She steals my body heat. I missed that.

It was a weekend of coming and going. It was a weekend of her getting exhausted after little exertion. AND it was still better than being in pain.

Thanks for your prayers.

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Willow Tree said...

I honesty was going to invent "Married Sheets" where half was flannel and the other was cool cotton because every married couple on the planet has a hot/ cold debate. But, I never got around to really doing it and wouldn't you know it I saw my idea on the Today Show last year as "Half and Half Sheets." Grrr.... oh well, glad somebody got it going!

Praising Him Tammy's not in pain!

Blessings, Carolynn