Friday, December 05, 2008

finally friday

This week has dragged. I am sure it is because I have been sick for most of it. Did I mention that I hate colds? I am feeling better now, not completely well, but better. I think I am past the fever stage. I did get out yesterday and go to Lexington for some grocery/meat shopping. We usually hit the Sam's Club for that. Good old cheap bulk meat prices.
Tammy is still in pretty severe pain for the most part. She has been on the steroids for 2 days now and the pain wanes for short periods. If she finds a position comfy for the back , the leg hurts. If she finds a position comfy for the leg, the back hurts. However, there were times yesterday that she actually stood upright, not crouched.
The problem is that TJ is used to being very active. Suddenly, she is relegated to doing mostly nothing. She immerses herself in books, but still the pain is there. She can't get very comfortable in the bed, so sitting there and reading or watching TV isn't much fun anymore either. She can't pick up Cloe, which is one of her favorite things. She says she wants her life back. If there were anything I could do to make it better, I would. She does have an appt with her ortho on Thursday. He is sure to suggest the L4 removal surgery.

Here is a kicker. she can't sit long. she can't walk far. She can't stand long. However, Social Security Disability says she can still work. She has appealed that decision.
We are actually going to try to get her out of the house for a bit today. If nothing else, we will ride around town. Cabin fever is a terrible thing.


Debbie said...

Thank God she isn't a horse - you would have shot her a long time ago. I so hope they can offer her something to help her feel better.
Perhaps she can get a job rolling around. You didn't mention if that hurt her or not. Not sure what that would be though.
And, I hate to get personal but, do you like colds? You've never really mentioned.

Retro Girl said...

Poor Tammy. I am so sorry she's having such pain and problems. That girl can't seem to get a break sometimes.

The SSA people are idiots...they give disability to so many people who have no business getting it for such stupid things...and don't approve it for those who really need it. (There's our government for ya!) I hope & pray she gets the appeal approved. This woman has been through so much.

Hope your cold goes away and stays away...and you feel much better very soon...

Hmmm (reading older posts) Wonder if one can get sick from baring his bum in the cold winds? HAHA!
Oh Be-Have! lol