Monday, June 20, 2005

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

There are infinitely important parts of my everyday.

The past is one of those parts, but it is only one part. It does not have an overwhelming role except where it is the path that brought me unto today. It is the place where the footsteps have already been lain. It is the place I cannot change. It is where many of the answers to questions about who I am are answered. The past stopped only a second ago. I cannot dwell extensively on the past. I can, if I choose, learn from it's lessons. I can heed the warnings and advice of the past I have wrought. I cannot reach through the wall of time and change any of my actions or words.

Then there is the future. It is ahead in the mist. It is ever changing. It stretches out in endless possible directions. It in the Yin to the Yang of the past. As stable as the past is, the future is as unsure. Every want or desire finds a path to travel in the future. Every fantasy finds a way to be fulfilled in the tomorrows. Life is filled with exceedingly great and infinite opportunities that frolic in the future.

That leaves me with today. Right now is all I have to work with. I can build on the past and plan for the future, but 'now' is what I have to work with. Today is a turning point. Today is a decision. I can walk in the path I have been traveling, or I can turn in a new direction. Today, I can reinvent myself. I can be brand new.

I am who I am. I have what I have. The changes in what I do not like about myself, can begin 'now'. The weights that I allow to drag me down, I can release 'now'.

One more step, and this 'now' becomes the past. The shimmering sparkling future becomes the 'now'.

Take the strengths of yesterday, the hopes of the future, and the sweat of now, and build the life you want.

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