Friday, June 17, 2005

No rest for anyone

Today .. Jeb Bush has called for a probe into the 15 yr old investigation of the collapse and 911 call concerning Terri Schiavo.


I am just wondering how many more political causes will weigh in to try to squeeze a few more miles out of this poor dead woman.

It seems that in two interviews, one in 1990 and one in the early 2000's, Michael Schiavo gave two different times as to when he found his wife, collapsed. In one he says 5 am. In another he says 4:30 am. This 911 call came in at 5:40 am.

The incident has been investigated to death. He was cleared of any wrongdoing. If he were tried, and not convicted, he would be under the double jeopardy clause. However, he was not charged, because there was nothing for which to charge him. So, he can be re-investigated as often as anyone with enough political clout decides to call for it. That is just horse-hockey.

Even now, the family is considering legal actions against him. The autopsy report has come back. She was in a persistent vegetative state. The vision centers of her brain were destroyed. She was blind. So much for the families claims that she recognized them when they came into the room. They saw what they wanted to see. They believed what they wanted to believe. Now, even in the face of overwhelming medical evidence, they still refuse to accept the truth.

I pity them.

Let her go in peace.

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Kim said...

Martin Luther King said, "Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere." Although the police report taken Feb. 25, 1990, by the St. Petersburg Police Department indicates that the incident should be routed to the homicide division, it was not and no criminal investigation of the matter has ever been conducted. The unsubstantiated claim put forward by Schiavo and many of the courts, that Terri had suffered from an "eating disorder" around the time of her collapse, was not given any credit by the medical examiner.