Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Last night, on my way home, I stopped to meet with my middle daughter. Her birthday is coming up, and she wanted, as a birthday present, a tankful of gas. While talking with her after filling her tank and giving her money to fill her hubby's tank, her cell phone rang. It was Tammy trying to reach me. Jordan called her and told her that Sierra was leaking water. Tammy told him to take her directly to the hospital. She was going to meet him there. Tammy was in Nicholasville.

I went on home and when I arrived, there were 6 paramedics, an ambulance, and a firetruck at my house. They were looking for Sierra. While Jordan was at the pay phone, Sierra decided to come downstairs to wait on the porch. She began bleeding. Chris broke my door and got our phone. He called 911. They went to the wrong address. They went to my old address. By the time they arrived, Jordan was en route in his car with Sierra. I told them that he had taken her to the hospital himself.

Sierra's water broke. It doesn't happen commonly, but it does happen. At the hospital, after Tammy's insistence, they did a pelvic exam. She was not dilated. They admitted her for 24 to 48 hours to see if the sack would heal itself and if the pregnancy could be saved. They gave the baby a 10 to 20% chance for survival.

Last night, she and the baby were better. The doctor said the baby was strong. He was a fighter. This was good news.

This morning, based on this good news, Tammy came to work with me. A little before 9, Jordan called from the hospital. They had no heartbeat for the baby. We left work and headed to the hospital. They wanted Sierra to deliver the baby, to avoid any surgery. I called the kids to let them know what was going on. I called dad to have him and mom pray for Tammy and Sierra.

I dropped Tammy off at the hospital. I cant do the long waiting in the waiting room. My back is in a real bad mood today to begin with.

When I got back, Tammy called. Sierra wants a service for David Gabriel McArter. I am calling funeral homes and cemeteries. Sierra is having contractions. She isn't in pain. Well, she isn't in physical pain.

It is not a good day.

More to follow .....

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