Friday, June 03, 2005

Sleep ? What's that ?

Trying to get extra sleep at our house is useless.

I always wake up several times during the night. That fact withstanding, I can still get extra sleep by not getting up as early or going to bed earlier. Last night I tried. I did go to bed earlier. Then I was up with the dog (Cleo) tearing stuff up. She went to the kennel. She whined a bit but eventually shut when she realized that no one was coming to release her. Then at 2:30, my phone started to ring. It was in my pants across the room hanging on a portable desk that I made. By the time I got to it, the message had picked up.

I had an interesting conversation with my dad on Monday during the family gather for Memorial Day. He wanted to know what was wrong with my phone that he had troubles trying to reach me at times. I explained that there was nothing wrong with the phone. I just do not allow the phone to be my master. I am the master of the phone. I decide when I want to talk on the phone. I decide when I want to talk to certain people. Just because that thing rings, it doesn't mean that I put my whole life on hold and immediately spring into phone talking mode. Sometimes, I am eating, or drinking, or going to the bathroom, or watching a movie. What I am involved in is not always conducive to chatting. There fore, I am the master of my phone.
That being said, there are times when it is prudent to answer the phone. 2:30 in the morning is one of those times. It might be a family emergency. It might be one of my kids. It might be one of my parents. So, at 2:30 last night I was stumbling through the room in the dark, trying to find my pants, and then find the pocket, and find the phone. When I did finally find it, it displayed "private number". A few seconds later it said I had a message. I told it to read it. It said "Please call 7." What the heck that meant I have no clue.

I guess if it were important, they would have called the other 2 numbers at which we can be reached.
Anyway, it did no good. I was droopy eyed during the morning classes. I figure I will be droopy eyed the rest of the day as well.

More later .....

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