Saturday, June 04, 2005

Monday looming .. The short term and the long run

Monday is looming over the horizon. I will leave for work as usual. When I return home, home will be emptier than it has been in a long time.

I know Tammy has to make the trip to Florida. She doesn't have to go, according to her divorce agreement, but she thinks it would be unfair otherwise. Even though, he chose to move to Florida. I know she needs to go pick up her grandmother and bring her here where she can care for her. I know she will be gone less than a week. My head knows all these important factors. My head even knows, that in the long run, time away will make us stronger together.

But, in the short term, this place will be be way empty. I will miss the kids while they are gone for 5 weeks. I will miss Tammy terribly much more. My bed will seem larger than it's 7 foot by 6 foot size. It is a large bed and we sleep in a tiny area of it. We are generally tangled. I will miss my tangled mess.

Tonight, we will squeeze time in. Tomorrow, we will be inseparable. Monday is coming.

I am gonna miss her so.

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TammyJ said...

You have got to stop making me cry when I read your blog.. it makes mascara run in my eyes then i can't see.. seriously.. I am trying to not think about a week without you beside me.. days will be ok.. but the nights are gonna be hell.. I doubt I will sleep much without my pillow.. you know..the chest.. it is only because you are beside me that I am able to sleep as much as I do.. I love you.. I am going to miss you so much..