Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday .. Still alive

yes .. It is true. I am still living.

The house is not a disaster. There haven't been nightly parties. I have not destroyed the kitchen. I have not burned down the house. I have been rather tame. Malcolm has been with me the last two days at school. Cleo has been in the kennel during the day while we are gone. This has not stopped her from crapping in the hallway during the night, but she has not been chewing, destroying everything in sight either.

Tammy cant sleep with the bedroom door open. (some neurosis) I have slept with the door wide open both nights. It doesn't bother me. However, there are certainly a lot of noises that the closed door filters out. Other than adjusting to a few new sounds, it has been ok. I have slept without waking for the last two nights. (Are you poking me in my sleep, honey?)

They are finally clearing out all the unnecessary machinery out of my lab. It look so much bigger now. That is a good thing. The noise that my AC just starting making is not a good thing.

Tomorrow is a class in Morehead. It is about teaching special needs kids. I think it will be an interesting class. I can understand how that might apply at the high school, but most special needs kids (and I am not being prejudicial) really do not need to be in a construction environment. I have a couple students with hyper activity issues. They are special needs enough.

Regardless, any learning is good learning.

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