Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Self Portrait

Reama asked that we (readers of her blog) do this self portrait thing. Here's mine:

Self Portrait

Looking past the glassy reflection of my eyes
Never fooled by the projected exterior
Like the whited old southern mansions
Not portraying the turmoil beneath their peaceful pallor
I allow my eyes to wander room to room
There are rooms of passion and rooms of play
There are rooms of utility and rooms of fulfillment
There are rooms for living, lined with memories
All are veiled by the thinnest coat of respectability

Except now, as I look deeply into the mirror
reconciling the contradictions
Knowing the same house can hold all rooms
I can house my pains and my joys
I can hold my weakness and my strength
Each room faithful to the others
accepting the needs of all
Embracing the differences
Just across the friendly smile of the welcome mat

Come for a look sometime

Ron Simpson, Jr.
June 1, 2005

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