Monday, June 20, 2005

4 day weekend ends (insert sad face)

My four day weekend ended this morning when the alarm went off to get me up for work. It was a good weekend.

We went karaoke'ing on Thursday night. Tammy entered the popularity/karaoke contest. She didn't place in the top 5, even though she was one of the top five singers. Several people there got ticked at me because I didn't enter the contest. I explained to them that I sing for fun. I sing because I love to sing. I didn't sing in the contest because it changes all that. When you sing in the contest, you are competing with other singers. You are trying to outdo them. You lose the fun part. Then, after the contest and before the winner is announced, you try to figure out who might have voted for you and who didn't. Afterwards, you try to figure out which of your friends didn't vote for you. It just ain't worth all that. I sang before the contest. I sang after the contest. I didn't worry about who else was singing. I didn't worry about whether my singing was going to be validated by the masses or not.

Friday and Saturday, we ran errands. We stayed in during the evening. We opted for movies, cuddled on the couch, over going out to a loud bar, go figure.

Saturday morning, we went to see the new Batman movie, Batman Begins. It was awesome. It was, by far, my favorite of the Batman movies. It was dark and nearly humorless. Batman is, and always has been, a dark hero. That darkness is an integral part of his character. The earlier Batman movies tried too hard to lighten the character to make him appeal to all audiences. That was a mistake, in my opinion. This Batman, played by Christian Bale, was dark. Bale plays the part with lots of intensity. If you haven't seen his work, look for the movie, Equilibrium. It is a futuristic movie about an emotionless world. We rented it once because there was nothing else in the was 'good'. I had seen the previews and thought it might be a good filler movie. It surprised me.

Saturday night, Russ and Ginger came by for a while. It is always good to see the Russ-miester.

Sunday was a slow day. Tammy woke up not feeling well. We didn't do much. She wanted to fix me breakfast in bed, being as it was Father's Day. I messed that up when I got up 2 hours before her. So, she fixed breakfast for supper. It was great: Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa. Sausage gravy and biscuit. Bacon. Mmmmmm mmmmmm.

I was reading the news this morning to see what kind of foolishness existed in the world to be raved about. Nothing is more fun to rail on than the stupidity of mankind. Never underestimate the propensity of humanity to sink to the next level of absurdity.

There wasn't much going on. I did see where Tiger Woods got second place in the US Open. I saw where the winner got $1.17 million. I was curious as to how much Tiger's take was for second place. He got $700,000. The entire leader board was available, so I checked it out. I got all the way down to the 9 way tie for 33rd place before I found numbers with relevance. The 9 guys that tied for 33rd place in the US Open made just a little bit more than I will make for this entire year. These guys were 12 shots away from par. As I understand it, par is what a good golfer should be able to shoot the hole. It is the score standard. These 9 guys were 12 shots away from that and they still made more in this one tourney than I will make all year. Sigh.

So, how was your weekend ?

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Kim said...

My weekend was great :) I'll make it out to see you and Tammy sing one of these days. Happy (belated) Father's Day!