Monday, June 06, 2005

The much dreaded Monday has arrived

I am already at work. Tammy is loading up the van most likely as I type. She was rousting chitlins as I left. Chella and Kyle were up. I made her agree to call me every few hours or so to let me know she was OK. She assured me that she would be fine. I told her that she needed to call and make sure that I was fine. She agreed.

We will wear out our cell phones this week. Thanks goodness for unlimited mobile to mobile.

I will pour myself deeper into work. I will probably sleep on the couch a lot. I wont answer the house phone. Everyone that really needs to talk to me knows my cell number. If you don't, you don't really need to talk to me. If ya really need to talk to me and don't know the number, ask !

I will fill my head with work and trivial pursuits. Any that keeps my mind active is a good thing.

Don't worry if I begin to appear to be melancholy, it is normal. Look for more blogging.

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