Sunday, June 12, 2005

Chaos has returned

Tammy got back home around 8 am on Saturday.

I carried Grammy in and put her on the couch. She is sweet and funny. She is off meds because the nursing home messed up her Medicaid and couldn't supply them for her time between nursing homes or the trip. Tammy said that she talked nearly non stop on the 1000 mile drive. She said once, at 80 mph, that she had to go, and reached for the door handle. She talked to the sunroof and the window a lot. Tammy figures it is because she could see her reflection in them.

After some serious hugging and kissing and welcoming back home, Tammy laid down for a bit. Grammy was still on the couch and still talking. At one point, she began vomiting. I tried cleaning her off as best I could. That didn't work. Then I was heaving. Dry heaves, gotta hate those.

Tammy was up at 10 to go with me. We returned around 11:30 and she went back to bed.

I got her up around 2 when Chasity, Chris, and Ian stopped by for a visit and dropped off clothes for Sierra. It was a good visit with the kids.

Grammy wanted some water. She had slid down a bit. When I raised her up, I was almost knocked over by the smell. She had messed herself. She also threw up the water. We were worried about her getting dehydrated. She wasn't eating. She wasn't keeping down liquids. We called an ambulance and had her transported to one of the local hospitals ER. They put her on IV and admitted her. We were relieved. She is nearly 92 and doesn't need to be dehydrated. If we cant get her to keep down fluids, then an IV is the only way to go.

We skipped the class on Saturday evening, because of Tammy's tiredness and the situation with Grammy.

We grabbed a bite on our way home from the ER and settled in for the rest of the night.

I don't know what time it was when we turned off the TV and cuddled in the bed. We were kinda cuddled anyway. We were watching TV in the bed. I tried out the violet wand on Tammy's wrist and back. There will be more experimentation. For those unfamiliar with a violet wand, it is an old medical device. It was thought to cure just about anything at one time or other in the 20's and 30's. It uses a Tesla Coil to generate high voltages of electrical energy that is transferred through vacuum tubes. When placed in close proximity to the skin, the charge jumps from the tube to the skin. It was believed to produce positive medical results. I think it might have been a forerunner to the TENS unit.

We finally got up (for good) around 11:15.

It is a beautiful day out. We are off to shop and enjoy the sunshine.

can you see my smile ? My baby is back !!

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