Thursday, February 12, 2009

TJ's DR visit

TJ had her follow-up visit today, following her surgery on December 26.

The hematoma is nothing to worry about, according to DR Harry. He assures her it will go down and be gone within six months. He says her back is in terrible shape for her age. He added that her back was in terrible shape for an 80 year old woman. He told her to apply for disability (which she has already done) and to have her worker call him personally. (gotta love a DR like that.)

He told her to take it easy walking. She is allowed to walk for 15 minutes of each hour (walk 15/rest 45.) That also applies to sitting upright. Trips should be done in 15 minute increments. It does not require the 45 minute down time though. That just requires her to get out and move around every 15 minutes.

I did not mean to wear her out when I got her. Honest!

The only good news in the visit was when the DR told her she was tough.

He told her that he knew men that couldn't tolerate the pain that she does. He also complimented her on her sense of humor in the whole situation. She told him that laughing was better than crying.

She hasn't felt like posting lately, so that is why I am updating y'all.


Marilyn said...

A bad back is the worst.
I've had surgery and there are still days when I swear if the house caught on fire I'd have to let let it burn down around me.
Tell her to hang in there :)

Gill said...

Aw poor TJ, sending love to her :)
Shes lucky to have you supporting her through all this :)
Tell her to take it easy and rest up LOTS!
hugs to you all.x

Debbie said...

Well, shoot. I was hoping she'd be much better than that. So she has to rest for 45 minutes after sitting for 15? How will she visit her son?

Retro Girl said... shouldnta wore her out! lol. (I know she loves every minute of it...heheh)

I gotta say Tammy is one of the strongest women I know...she's been through alot...and no matter what, she's always got a beautiful warm smile, and says something to make you laugh. I admire her strength and determination. And yours too.

Luv you both dearly. I always both inspire me in so many ways.

Lilly's Life said...

Ron I hope your wife is better. I am jsut passing from Peggy's blog. You are an amzing talent. Such beautiful drawings and poetry.