Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here is the audition. It was held in the center of an aisle in the wing of the busiest mall in Lexington. It was a blast as usual. The cold tried to get me but I hung in there. TJ will not allow me to post her audition, even tho she did well.

Warning: Throwing tomatoes at the screen during this video will not affect the video, but will make a mess of your desk.


Marilyn said...

Standing and clapping!!!!!!!!


Retro Girl said...

Yo Dawg...It was a bit pitchy for me....(imitating Randy Jackson)...

JUST Kidding!! It was fabulous!! Brought tears to my eyes...I sure miss your singing. (Hmm need some Karaoke videos on the blog next!) I could hear TJ screaming in the background lol.

I bet TJ sounded beautiful too! Too bad she wouldn't let us hear. I'm priveledged...I've already heard her beautiful voice. heheh.

Love ya both!!
Wish we coulda been there!

Gill said...

WOW what a belting voice you have :) Great audition. I'll vote for ya! ;)

blairspage said...

GREAT job Ron!!!! I wish I could sing like that!

Anonymous said...

Well done! (I kept wanting to tell the crowd to be quiet ;)

I stopped by from blairpage. You are also a talented artist!

Do you ever do commissioned work? I have been wanting to have a sketch done of my boys, so I can frame it and give it to my husband as a gift..(He is impossible to buy for.)

You can let me know through

Brandy said...

Really good job! I wish I could sing half that well...or maybe it's the people next to me when I'm driving that wish that.

Ah well. I'm thinking of recommiting to a new healthier think that's a good idea?

Thanks for stopping by!

Willow Tree said...

So you won right?? Well done my friend!

You're SO right, you have to start this one low, because when it gets to the rockets red glare it's go big or go home.

Will TJ send out her audition via email by request? :o)


jill jill bo bill said...

Wow!! That was great! And the people there were very rude and loud. So, did you win?

Granny on the Web said...

Very moving to hear such heart felt singing. I wish the crowd had respected the National Anthem you were so heartfelt singing.
I am going backwards through your blogs, your lovely sketch of Syan yesterday has caused quite a bit of excitement with my friends and family.
Bye for now
Love Granny