Saturday, February 14, 2009

it's that V day thing again

We have been quite busy this week.

The week was capped by a grand visit with my daughter Chasity and grandkids, Ian and Abby. They were in town to attend a car auction to buy a second vehicle. While hubby was at the auction, TJ and I took C and the kids out for some supper. Then they came to the house. We visited for nearly 2 hours. I had a great time with them. Abby was scared of me last time we saw them, a few weeks ago. This visit, she talked to her 'big papaw' and even sat on the couch and brushed my hair. When it came time to leave, she ran to me and gave me kisses and hugs.

Today is Valentines day. (Thought I might let you know, just in case the floral or chocolate industry hadn't done enough to remind you.) Following is a poem I wrote for TJ early in our relationship. It still bears true today. She is my heart. We married just over 5 years ago (Oct 2003) after dating for about 18 months. I still love lying beside her at night and waking with her in the morning. We are still continuing our, thus far, nearly 7 year conversation.


From whence,
From where,
How did you come,
To be standing there;

Was it from my mind,
That you were torn,
Or was it my heart,
From which you were born;

Did my fingers beg you into being,
To feel your softness beneath,
Did my eyes create you,
For the smiles you bequeath;

Did my lips beget you,
To feed this hunger old,
To pass gently across,
To press, ardently and bold;

Did my heart,
Beat you into existence,
Did you simply appear,
Full of yesterday and today’s presence;

Did I breathe you,
Born of winters mist,
Filled with warmth and sun,
By summers season kissed;

Did you become,
For me
Or did I become,
For thee?

Ron Simpson, Jr.
August 31, 2002


Gill said...

Oh Ron that poem is BEAUTIFUL.
Isn't it great when you find "the one".
Have a great valentines day :)

Fly Girl said...

Beautifully written! And what a blessing to find such true love!


Mrs Parks said...

sooo romantic.
Happy Valentines day :)