Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mount St Drama is erupting again

After laying dormant for a while, Mount St Drama has once again spewed, filling our day with smoke and ash. Here are the juicy details:

Saturday, we took N (daughters fiance') to town to catch his bus back to base to catch his plane to Korea. We dropped him off about 15 minuted before his bus was to arrive and said our good-byes. We then turned the big red truck toward home. The snow was such that we didn't want to delay our action any longer than necessary.

Sunday morning, I am up and downstairs, when I hear Lacey (a batwing eared mini doxie) digging around in the back room. This is the room where S (daughter) and C (granddaughter) are staying. I quietly step back into the room to retrieve the little pest and notice that the lumps under the covers of the bed seem to be much more than S and C could make. I, very carefully, pull the covers back a bit and there is N.

It seems that his bus broke down after arriving in Lexington. He was going to stay at the bus terminal until the following morning to catch the next bus, but, it seems that, the bus terminal closes at 11PM. He was asked to vacate. He hitched a ride back to our town.

His orders were to report to Korea by March 5. His commander informed him that, as long as he was back by Thursday this week, he was fine.

S called N's mother and left her a message saying he had missed his bus. He was NOT AWOL. He was not going back that night. Apparently what she got out of the message was: He missed his bus. He is AWOL. He is not going back.

So, today, while we are resting comfortably, there begins this shouting outside the windows. TJ checks out the window and sees a car in the driveway. Before we can get out the sitting room door, C (other daughter) comes up yelling for help. It seems that N's mom has shown up and is out on the porch slapping him, while S is calling 911.

We go downstairs. TJ breaks up the melee. She ushers the combatants off the porch. N's mom and aunt are yelling. We begin to explain, after sending N into the house. Aunt keeps butting in. TJ tells her to let the mom's handle this. She is running her mouth. TJ tells her to get back in her car or get off the property. She starts calling TJ a 'whore' and is using that 'F' word. We tell her she needs to go. She tells me that I "aint nobody." I told her what I was, was a property owner and I had told her to get off of my property and if she didn't the police could handle it. "Bring 'em on," she says, "I'm not afraid of them."

Police come about that time.

They take N's mom to the side to speak to her. Aunt stays in car with mouth shut. They ask mom is she hit N. She says yes. Handcuffs. Back of the patrol car. They speak to N. He never struck back. They explain to the now very quiet aunt that N's mom is being arrested for domestic violence and she can get her out after she is processed. they take statements from N and S.

In KY, N does not have the option to not press charges. They asked her if she hit him. she said she did. The police press the charges.

I am ready for the quiet life. I am ready for psycho relatives of the kids relationships to go away. I am ready for the drama to be over and done. I think this one will be down for a while. N leaves tomorrow. He will be in Korea for one year. Mom and Aunt have no reason to be in my town. I am ready for my cabin in the deep woods accessible only by TANK. TJ says accessible by jeep won't work as too many people have jeeps.


Mrs Parks said...

OOOOOO, that's more action than I'm getting on my daytime stories!!!

To bad you didn't get pictures.

I hear the quiet life is nice...

Debbie said...

Good heavens Ron. How are you even standing all that going on?

Gill said...

LOL i'm with Mrs Parks... what no photos?
Poor you guys, you don't need this do you.Love that your police can just arrest the Mum though thats awesome! We don't do that over here (sad).
Hope things settle down soon for you all. Hope this did not have an adverse effect on TJ's health. ;) Keep smiling.

blairspage said...

OMG... sounds like a story from my family! I'm glad it was handled by the police. That's good that she admitted to hitting him. In AR it's the person's choice to press charges.

Thank you for the encouraging words about quitting! I have smoked off and on (more on than off) since I was 15... I am almost 32 so it's time to quit. Mostly just quit during my pregnancies! Anyway... I know since I can't smoke while wearing the patch that it will be helpful. I went ahead and started with Step 1!

Hugs - Tiff