Thursday, February 05, 2009

is that a temperature ?

We woke this morning to 2° F or -17° C. I realize it has been colder. I realize it is colder in other places this morning. However, not one piece of that information makes my feet any warmer. It is just cold. It is days like today that almost make me want to rethink my 'winter is my favorite season' stand. Almost. It is just after 2PM here in KY and the temperature is all the way up to 19° F or -7° C. The weatherman has alluded to temperatures above 60° by Monday of next week. It will be raining, but it will be warmer.

Chella has brought the plague into the house. She insisted on going to see her BF when he was sick. This, of course, gave her the plague, which she immediately brought home to the rest of us. There is sniffling, sneezing, coughing, nose running, congestion. She decides to bring this to us less than two weeks before TJ and I will be auditioning to sing the National Anthem at Lexington Legends baseball games next season. The auditions will be held on Valentines day in the center of the walkway, in the wing of the busiest mall in Lexington. Every year over 400 audition and the Legends chose approximately 70 to sing at home games. This is my fourth time auditioning. I have sang the Anthem at a game for the past three years. It is a blast. Long time readers of my blog will remember a post in July of 2008 which included a video of last years performance.

Last night I sniffled my way through a practice. TJ said it would have been better without the sniffling. I told her that I had to breath. I just had too. We are medicating. I have a terrible time with colds and other respitory ailments. They seem to linger forever. This one will probably be lingering when I audition. Therefore, I better learn to sing it with the cold, rather than without. Just in case.


Heather of the EO said...

That stinks! Get better! I hope the audition goes swimmingly even if you have to sniffle. I'm tired of being cold too.

Willow Tree said...

I knew a guy from Alaska that had a bumper sticker that said, "Winter Sucks." Well Said.

I hope you feel better soon! I Loved the post with your video last summer - you can SING my friend! I'm sure it will go great; can we get a video blog of the big day?? I didn't realize Tammy sings too! Know any good duets?

Blessings, Carolynn

Debbie said...

I am so sorry to hear you have this crud. And good luck with the auditions!

TammyJ said...

Thanks baby for telling everyone I sing too.. Hey think we should do whiskey lullabye instead of the anthem. Nah.. with this head colds there is no way I could hit the high notes.. bye the way did I mention I love you?