Wednesday, February 04, 2009

All I want is a couple days off ..

Heuy Lewis and the News

Well, Kyle is getting his couple days off. There was no school today. They have had school 2 days out of the last 7 school days. Back when I was teaching, while working for the state, I loved these days. We were required to be at works since we were not employed by the district. If the Governor declared a state snow day, where state offices would be closed, we didn't have to go to work. Otherwise, it was a work day. Since we didn't have students, we could 'flex' our schedule a bit and come in early or late, as long as we got our 7.5 hours. Now, I have to put up with a 13 yr old all day. (update: School just called .. no school tomorrow due to inclement weather.) Oh, the huge manatee.
Oh yeah, TJ is doing something that I cannot tell you about. So, bug her about it so she will blog it, lol. Ut-oh .. she is in here reading over my shoulder. Now she is kissing my neck. Gotta go!


gill said...

WTG TJ keeping a close eye on him!! Looking forward to finding out what your beloved is up to LOL!!

Lucky Kyle, will swap - i'll take your 13 year old and all your snow for free. Mine are all back at school and really are not happy about it!! Mind you nor am i!! hehe.

Enjoy your snow days, i am sooo jealous!!

Octamom said...

Sounds like it's going to take things a while to get back to defrosted in your part of the world!

Love the slide show on your sidebar of your recent sketches!!!


Debbie said...

This sickness has kept me away from blogging for too long! I'm playing catchup.
I hope KY is starting to thaw. We are supposed to have a "springlike" weekend here and I hope you all do too.