Monday, February 23, 2009

haircut day !!

I am a bit funny about the hair thing.

I am not so worried about what folks think of me mostly. I do like to present a a good image, but not to the point of putting on airs. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, but do wear suits when I feel there is a need. I am comfortable in either as long as they are well fit. I am not much for uncomfortable fancy shoes. I do prefer a good sturdy well fit shoe.

One of the things I am somewhat vain about is my hair. I don't need to to be perfectly in place when I go out, but I do require a good haircut. A messed up good cut is much better than a well combed bad cut.

I found a great barber. She scissor cuts my hair and usually does it to near perfection. She is as picky about the job she does as I am about the job I receive. She had been working at a local salon, but is no longer there. I have her cell number so I can find her when I need a cut. Unfortunately, she has been out of contact lately.

My last cut, I went to the salon where she previously worked and let one of the other stylists cut my hair. It was not good. Leaving the shop it looked fine. Within a few days, it started to be obvious it was not a good job. My haircut is not difficult. Cut the sides to about an inch. Cut the top to about one and half inches, so it will still lay down. Easy. The girl that cut it assured me she could cut it as well as my regular cutter, but faster. Well ... she was faster.

After a week or so, the right side began to stick straight out from my head. About the only way that could happen is if she thinned it close to the scalp to get it to lie down. I specifically asked that this not be done for this very reason. When it is cut like that, the shorter growing hairs push the longer hair out. Also, around my ears were parts uncut. Most of it was about an inch, but there were several parts that were over two inches long. Shabby. It is hard to fix a bad cut like that.

Today, I sent a text to my regular barber. She called and came over and cut my hair. It looks great. I am happy happy happy.

I may look like a country boy in my jeans and t-shirt, but I look like one with a good haircut.


Retro Girl said...

You're right...there's nothing like a good haircut. It just makes everything right...puts order in your

I've not had a really really good haircut since I left Lexington (except the ones my mom gives me when I'm home in Cincy visiting). It drives me nuts! And I don't wanna pay $40-50 for a good haircut...Can you send your gal up this way? lol

Debbie said...

So she came over and cut your hair? Now that is service!

Gill said...

hehe glad you are happy with the new do! I have to say i agree with you all the way. And with men / boys it is easy to see a bad cut, takes longer to grow out and and is harder to hide! ;)