Friday, February 20, 2009

did Friday finally arrive?

Looks like Friday is finally here.

As I looked back over the week to see what I accomplished or didn't, it was an interesting read.

This will require some of you to think back to the day. Did you ever have, or remember visiting someone with a large floor model TV that had a smaller portable TV sitting on top of it? The floor model developed a problem and time was still on the cusp of the times when we fixed broken things and when we threw them away because it was almost as cheap to buy new. So, we would get a portable and sit in on the floor model until we had time to get it fixed. Eventually, we forgot about fixing the old one and that arrangement became permanent. Well, until the annual spring or fall 'throw out all the junk' cleaning.

OK, we have 5 cars and/or trucks here at the house. We have the big red truck. It is our old faithful ride. Well, not all that old as it is the newest vehicle out there. It is a 2003.

Then, there is the '95 Camaro I bought for TJ. It is sweet. BUT, it overheats. We have had it fixed several times but several mechanics but it still overheats. So, it is sitting in the driveway at the entrance to the furniture stocked garage. It is not being driven. Transmission, body, and interior are great.

Then, there is the '99 Caddy. It was TJ's ride. She was driving it one day, when out of the blue, the 'check transmission' light came on. Fifty yards more and no more transmission. We parked it with the intent to fix or sell it. I have actually sold it several times to people that never show up with the money or never call again. Body, engine, and interior are good.

Then, there is the '92 Mustang. That was a car I got for one of the daughters. I did some electric work for EX and she and hubby gave me the car as payment. It had a transmission leak, but was fine as long as we kept adding fluid occasionally. Now the forward clutches are out. It is sitting awaiting fixing or selling. Engine is great, body and interior are good.

Then, there is the '94 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. It is TJ's ride. The brakes went out. This week, we replaced the master cylinder. When we (oh yeah, we is 'S' fiance .. mechanic in from army on leave) went to bleed brakes and the bleeder valve was broken off on one side and stripped out on the other. It was going to be about $30 to have a machine shop get the valves out and $12 for new valves. New calipers with bleeder valves were about $23 each. We went with new calipers. we got them installed and bled the front brakes. This car has disc brakes all around. When "N" went to bleed the back, yep, stripped valves. No biggie. Should be fine even without bleeding rear. NOPE. No brakes. There must be air in the system somewhere. There are no leaks that we can find.

So, at my house, there are 4 non driving vehicles and one driving one. It is kind of like the portable TV sitting on the old floor models. I think I might just have a clearance sale.

Other than that, the week has been good. There have been small victories along the way. Sunday I sang a solo in church. Wednesday, I published my poetry book. I spent 7 of the last 7 days still breathing.

Not a bad week, overall.

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Tiffany said...

I saw your drawing on Jill's blog. Awesome job!