Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the return

The winter chill is back in the air. Last night, the rain returned for a bit. Today calls for more of the same, a dreary rainy day. Then, on Thursday, according to our astute weathermen, the magical combination of temperature, moisture, and upper atmospheric conditions will collide and bring us more, you guessed it, snow.

Now, it isn't expected to be any major winter storm. The snow will come and go over the next several days through Monday of next week. It is a good thing that I love Winter.

I have spent the last few days working on proofreading. I have compiled part of my poems into a 200 page, 5" x 8" book. It is comprised of 132 of over 200 that I have. The funny thing is how I proofread. Since these are poems I wrote, it is easy to read over a mistake because I know what it is supposed to say. To prevent this, I read it backwards. I know the Chinese read bottom of page to top and right to left, but they write that was too. I wrote it one way and now am reading it the other.

Regardless, here is a poem included in the book. I hope you enjoy.


"Alone," I cried,

The very word resonated in its own emptiness
"Alone," it echoed back as I screamed it out

The sound returning realization hit me suddenly,
Bouncing back from something, that did not yield
Rather echoed back softer than my pain and sorrow
something there, hard and unmoving

"Alone," it replied
Almost as a question
Moving to the returning sound
I found Him
Not hard or unmoving
Reaching out to me
"Alone?" He asked

"Why do I feel so alone?"
Because your friends have gone
Because you are afraid to ask loved ones for help
because you are looking outside,
And I am waiting ... inside
I am waiting to hold you
I am waiting to lift you
I am waiting to love you

"Why are you waiting?" I asked

I am waiting for you
To stop being alone

So.. I stopped
And my problems didn't disappear
And my friends didn't return
And my loved ones still could not help
But, it was better
Because I wasn't alone

"Love," I screamed
And love replied
"Peace," I yelled
And peace returned
"Together," I called
And we walked on ..

October 14, 2001


Sarah said...

Reading this, I got chills.

Beautifully written.

Mrs Parks said...

Love it...

Retro Girl said...

It's funny sometimes, how I happen to read your words at THE most appropriate moments...I think the Lord directs me to do it. I just posted on my blog about my difficulties with the adoption wait, and having to just trust Him to handle it and get me there...

This is an awesome poem. Timely, amazing, perfect...and gave me chills, too!

Once more..Thank You for sharing this...and yourself. It always seems to come from you, just when it's needed.

Love you friend!