Monday, October 20, 2008

The weekend that wouldn't

This weekend will just not die !
I know the weekend was only two days long, but we have been in Court Days. We live right next to the festivities.

They began Friday. So, Friday felt like Saturday.

Saturday came along already felt and thoroughly confused. Saturday also brought the bongo player. Apparently, one of the close vendors plays the bongos, and it is his delight to play them non-stop. The bongos are kin to the recorder in that, it only sounds non-annoying to the person playing. To everyone else, it sends a signal through their brain to that nerve that when vibrated at just the right pitch demands a sacrificial death, usually the producer of said vibration.

Then came Sunday. Sunday we made our way out of the madness to church. It was one of those necessary trips. Now, church is always necessary, but this Sunday, it was double necessary. Anywhere out of this madness would be good. The fact that it was away to church made it all the better. but, then we came back home to the seeming endless parade of people walking up and down our street. As we were driving to get home, we came down a street that was closed at Main street and had a view of wall to wall people for about 4 blocks. One block past Main was the other court day route and it was wall to wall people for 4 blocks in that direction. Sunday was the busiest day. People for 20 square blocks.

Then came today. Now, today would normally be Monday, but it is still in the festival realm. It isn't really Monday. It still feels like the weekend. I am not sure what day of the weekend it is. Saturday has already been used twice. It could be Sunday, since it feels like it should be the end of the weekend, but it doesn't have any of Sunday's good feel. It isn't a church day. It isn't Sunday afternoon nap day. Tammy says it is Mondurday.

The crowd isn't as thick today, except around those vendors selling guns or purses. The best thing about today is that it is the last day. Until next year.

The most fun was walking around with Ava around my neck. For those of you that don't know, Ava is our 4.5 year old 3 feet Ball Python. You can imagine the reaction to seeing a live wriggling snake around the neck of someone walking by you. Kids were fascinated. Adults were mixed between fascinated and terrified. Ava was ambivalent.
I can't wait for tomorrow. The streets will be open again. The kids will be in school again. Life will return to our abnormal normal.

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