Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jack-O-Pumpkin Carving

There was pumpkin carving at the hacienda tonight. Each of the kids did a pumpkin and I did a pumpkin. Tammy can't carve anymore because of her wrist injury. She is adjusting to letting me do the carving. The first shot is Fredrick. He is Kyles first attempt at pumpkin carving. Notice the large open mouth. It is reminiscent of Kyle himself, always talking.

This is the pumpkin carved by Chella and Caleb. His name is Xayven. Chella says he is sinister looking. You cant see it in this pic, but they carved "BOO !" in the back of the pumpkin. When I first saw it, I asked, "Why does your pumpkin say 'POOP'? The B looks like a P and the exclamation mark looks like a P.

This is Herman. Tammy named him. I carved him.
It was fun for all. Opening .. Scooping .. Collecting the seeds .. Carving .. Lighting .. Displaying .. and no-one had to drink vinegar. (I'll explain sometime later .. it is a weird Easter egg thing.)


Debbie said...

I still haven't bought ours! It is getting a little late, isn't it? And the vinegar thing - we are waiting.

Retro Girl said...

OMG They're great!! I've never been able to carve one that great!

I keep telling Hubby vinegar is for making Easter Eggs! (and cleaning)....Not for eating on fries!! lol (Crazy Canucks!)

Octamom said...

Nice job! Perfect Pumpkin Population!