Saturday, October 18, 2008

for no real reason

I got bit by the writing bug this afternoon. There was no real reason other than reading. In my reading I saw a word, "Ajar," and it set my mind to wandering .. and pondering .. and writing occured.


Love is daunting
When it starts
It is akin to looking
Through a door
Held ajar by a strange breeze
It is like a kind of voyeurism
Where you are seeing more
Than you think you should be seeing
You want to see
What is causing the movement
Your curiosity nearly demands it
The heart of your love
Has begun to open
You fear to see
You are afraid not to see
You are beginning to feel
The selfsame pangs
You aren’t sure if the fear
Is finding the same
Or finding it isn’t the same
Both are terrifying
So you stand at the small opening
Peering with trepidation
Your love wants to whisper
Your love wants to call
Some day you will
You hear your heart say
For today
We will stand
At the heart ajar
Held open
By loves gentle breeze
And you listen
The heart inside
Will whisper
Will call out
And your heart
Held ajar
Will hear

Ron Simpson
October 18, 2008

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