Sunday, October 05, 2008

the big FIVE-ONE

yeah, I know. Not impressive, but it sure beats the alternative.

My 51st birthday has come and gone without much fuss. That was by choice, mostly. I did ask Tammy that there be no party. I wanted a quiet day. I didn't want a houseful of guests that we would have to clean up after. I just wanted a peaceful day. I got it.

I was out early to go pick up a cell phone for the evangelist preaching revival at the church. He is a good friend of many years. He liked my phone. I called my connection and got him one at a 64% savings. I drove to Richmond to pick it up. i did that first thing in the morning. I wake up early usually, so, while most everyone else slumbered, I drove.

Tammy asks me every year what I want for my birthday. She says I am very hard to buy for. This goes back to my dad. Dad was the same way. If he needed it, he bought it. If he wanted it, he bought it. If he wanted it but couldn't afford it, you probably couldn't afford it either. Add to that, that whatever you got him, he was going to love because you got it for him. So, you never knew if you finally got him something he wanted, needed, or just loved.

I am quite similar. If I need it, I get it. (There is one exception .. wiper blades .. I don't know why.) If i want it, I most likely have it already. If you ask me what I want, I will tell you that I want nothing. She says it is very frustrating. I accept that, and am trying to do better about telling those that ask what I want for my birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc.

Here is the short list of always acceptable gifts for me:

Socks (you can never have too many)
Pull over three button shirts (name brand not required)
Cash (all denominations accepted)
Wiper blades (again .. I don't know why)
Underwear (of course, who wants to give the gift of underwear .. creepy)
Gift certificates to restaurants (I'll eat anywhere)

Other than that, you are on your own.

Of course, my birthday is now over, so you are in the clear.

Oh yeah, I did tell Tammy one thing I wanted. I want a shutter release cable for my Canon camera. So I can have it on the tripod and snap the picture without touching the camera and shaking it, creating a blurred effect. The closest place carrying such an item is in Lexington, some 35 miles away. She wanted to go on Saturday to get it but was exhausted from her 100 mile trip to see Chris. I told her we would be in town this week one day, and we would stop and get it. She said, "But, it won't be on your birthday." I assured her that i would still know it was a birthday gift and would be just as excited and appreciative. She also wanted to cook me a special dinner, but was unable due to the worn out thing and revival services that evening. Same thing, I told her to do it on another night. Same story, won't be my birthday. Sheesh, I will still know. LOL.

So, there were calls from family, cards, well wishes, the singing of the birthday song, and some peace. It was a grand 51st.

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Hope your birthday was wonderful. It sounds lovely!!

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