Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween was here last night in our sleepy little podunk of a town. The city coulcil decided to move the celebration from Friday (a non school night) to Thursday (a school night) because they were afraid for the kids to be out on a night when many people are out drinking.


Trick or Treating is from 6 til 8. Most drinking out folks don't do their drinking that early, and most of them are sober on their way to do their drinking.

Anyway, here is the Princess Cloe above and the brood below. There is Kyle (the mobster), Sierra (not sure what she was), and Chella (the stabbing victim.)


Mrs Parks said...

So how did moving Halloween work?
Moved it to a school night?
The costumes are great and Princess Cloe is a DOLL!

Debbie said...

Why, for the love of all that is sacred, do our officials think they have to be in control of everything? For heavens sake. I know some towns move it from a Sunday(which is still wrong in my opinion) but to move it from a Friday to a Thursday. Move. Move now. Hard to tell what they'll do with Christmas.

Octamom said...

Thursday. Okay.

Well, as long as there was free candy involved and an excuse to dress up, I guess the major points were covered! Looks like a spooky (and fun) group!